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What's in a name?

Stories are part of all we do, they are how we connect, to our past, to each other. My story starts with my grandfather, Dan. I was very lucky, growing up with a grandfather who was one of those people who could build pretty much anything. Carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, even baking, there wasn't much he couldn't tackle, and do it well.

From him, I learned to love making things, working with my hands, the value of crafting something you can be proud of. He also taught me to love the outdoors, taking my brother and I fishing and camping every summer. Nothing was better than hanging out in his workshop, the garage, watching him work, listening to him shoot the breeze with his friends, absorbing it all. Were I still back in Thunder Bay, that's where I'd have my bench.


As a photographer and a metalsmith, I wanted to combine both these arts and create something original that reflects Vancouver, one of Canada's most beautiful cities. I love living by the ocean and mountains, surrounded by nature. Stanley Park, an amazing urban oasis is right on my doorstep. My photography features images from the parks, gardens and neighbourhoods of Vancouver and these images are recreated by etching them into copper and silver. I turn these etchings into lovely pieces of jewellery, each image reflecting a fascinating story from Vancouver's history.

Right now, I work out of a fantastic artist's studio building in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, an area full of history. This area was formerly known as Japantown. I have a strong love of Japanese design and I've incorporated Japanese Sashiko patterns as etchings on the back of some of my pieces, to reflect the history of the neighbourhood. I carefully handcraft each piece, and no two are quite alike. I try and keep things as low impact environmentally as I can, using non toxic studio processes and chemicals, such as electrolytic etching, and use reclaimed copper and recycled silver. I'm experimenting currently with bronze and steel metal clays for a new line.

I want to make things that will delight you and that you can feel proud to wear. When you support artisans by wearing handcrafted jewellery, you keep alive a long tradition of skill and creativity in art and craft.